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State of Origin Cruises

As one of the most well-respected sports in the world, Rugby League brings crowds in their thousands. The roar of the crowd, the battle between those on the pitch; it’s the kind of sport that leaves us in no doubt of the participants sporting qualities. Technique will need to be matched by trials of the mind – and in top level Rugby League, that’s very easy to see. however, the State of Origin might just be the flagship event on the entire sporting calendar.

Despite being one of the most beloved parts of the Rugby League calendar, State of Origin cruises makes getting to and from this trio of events every year so much simpler. If you want to make sure that you can get to the games without fail from Sydney or Brisbane, then we can help you out with a host of P&O State of Origin Cruises.
Unsure about any of our cruises to State of Origin games? Then contact us today for more information. We will be more than happy to assist you.

What is State of Origin?

The State of Origin series is a best-of-three Rugby League football game. It brings together two famous sides; the New South Wales Blues and the Queensland Maroons. It’s the largest sporting rivalry in Australia, and one of the most fearsome sporting rivalries in the world as a whole. The stadiums are packed, the atmosphere is electric and the scores are usually hugely exciting.

In fact, many see it as the pinnacle of Rugby League – even ahead of top international competition. The two teams duke it out for the State of Origin Shield – with varying degrees of success as time goes on. Part of the rivalry is the ebb and flow of the wins; it’s an extremely even and competitive sporting experience to watch.

If you want to come to these one of these games, then we recommend that you take one of our State of Origin Cruises. The games change their location throughout the year, with the three-game series held in Brisbane Melbourne and Sydney.

The Benefits of State of Origin Cruises

For one, you get to enjoy a high quality travel experience that gets you to the event from either Sydney or Brisbane.

You can relax and enjoy a high quality of transport, only matched by the quality of the match upon your arrival.

This guarantees that you can get to one of these epic ties, allowing you to see the best in the sport up-close and personal.

With extremely high quality travel like this, you can ensure that you arrive in good time with no delays and/or distractions.

The end result? A Rugby League experience like no other. Whether you decide to come to State of Origin Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney, you’ll get to enjoy a truly exceptional experience. In time, it will ensure you get the best possible quality of experience in both travel and your time at the game itself.

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Want to take part in one of our numerous cruises to State of Origin? Then take a look at our various results options: With cruises to all three State of Origin tie, you can make sure that you turn up without any problems or delays.

The best match-up in Rugby League awaits: which cities will you view this special spectacle from? Book today, or Contact Us for any information that you need.

P&O State Of Origin Cruises

Celebrate your team along with Rugby League fans onboard P&O Cruises State Of Origin Cruises. Don't miss the action, with live games streamed on board for P&O cruises departing from Sydney and Brisbane.