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How Safe Are Cruise Ships?

Step aboard, unwind and feel safe as you enjoy everything your cruise ship has to offer. Here are 7 reasons why cruise ships are a safe holiday choice.

As with any holiday destination, tragic incidents hit the headlines now and again. But before you get alarmed and rethink your whole holiday, it’s important to put cruise safety into perspective.

A staggering number of Australians are now taking to seas. In 2013, a record 833,348 Australians went on a cruise holiday, according to the 2013 Cruise Industry Source Market Report. And with a record number of ships now sailing in Australian waters, that number is expected to leap to 1 million by 2016. 

The good news is that the overwhelming majority of these travellers are enjoying a smooth, worry-free cruise experience. In fact, the high safety of cruise ships is one of the big reasons that the industry is experiencing such growth.


How safe are cruise ships 


Here are 7 reasons cruise ships are a safe holiday choice


Cruise ships invest huge amounts in security

Companies like P&O, Royal Caribbean and Carnival invest large amounts in security measures to protect both their guests and their brand images. Just because these amounts aren’t openly talked about doesn’t mean it happens.

Cruise staff are highly trained

Cruise lines put their staff through intense safety training, and it is a large part of their culture. From the meticulous "man overboard" procedures to stringent food handling practices, staff are schooled on a regular basis. And we’re not only talking about the security guys, they train everyone from the barmen to the kids’ club staff.

Protected by CCTV

Just as with any holiday destination, there may be a few undesirable characters sometimes. However, cruise ships can quickly identify them using CCTV and take the necessary steps to restrain them. All staff members are also trained to identify guests who may be a risk to others and themselves.

Alcohol is served responsibly 

Where there’s trouble, there’s usually alcohol involved – which is why responsible service of alcohol has become standard on all cruise ships. Most cruise lines now promote the culinary side of their experience, such as the gourmet restaurants, celebrity chefs and even cooking classes, rather than the bars and nightclubs. The result of this is that most cruises attract more families looking for a good clean fun, than young singles looking for a booze cruise.

Under all the fun lies a well-oiled machine

While you’re relaxing on your sun lounger or enjoying the daily activities, there’s a team of extremely professional sailors running the ship. Led by an experienced captain, this team has one job and one job only: to get the ship safely and smoothly from port to port.

Safety briefings are mandatory

Can you think of any other holiday destination with mandatory safety briefings? On a cruise ship, they have your safety in focus from the second you step aboard.

High tech gadgetry is backed by skilled watchmen

Cruise ships today might be full of the latest and greatest gadgets at sea, but they also employ the skills of experienced watchmen to keep you safe at sea. Proof in point is if you tour the bridge, you cannot under any circumstances speak to the officer on watch.

Cruise ships can and will do everything they can to keep passengers safe, but as with every other holiday, you too have a responsibility to look after yourselves and your fellow travellers. So be safe and have fun. 


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