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How cruise ships test their lifeboats to the max

Passing the test: How cruise ships test their lifeboats to the max

Every cruise line (and passenger) hopes they will never have to use the lifeboats. And it’s true that the vast majority of lifeboats will hang off the ship for decades, never fulfilling their purpose of saving lives.

But that doesn't stop the cruise line from testing the lifeboats on a regular basis, so they can be confident they can rely on the lifeboats when it counts.

Safety lifeboat on deck of a cruise ship

What happens to the leftover food from a cruise ship

What happens to the leftover food from a cruise ship?

Today’s cruise ships are laden with restaurants and cafes. No matter the time of day or night, there’s a whole smorgasbord of food tempting you. And even though there might be 2,000 passengers on board, there’s no way every single morsel can possibly be eaten.

So what happens with all the leftover food once the cruise is over? Does it feed the crew or the fish? Is it served to passengers in the buffet the next day?

How do cruise ships handle crime at sea

How do cruise ships handle crime at sea?

It might not be your first thought as you step on board your cruise ship, ready for days filled with fun, sun and entertainment, but crime does exist on-board cruise ships. The big question is: are cruise ships doing enough to protect passengers? And how can passengers play a role in increasing safety and security on-board?

What happens if somebody dies on a cruise ship

Operation Rising Star: What happens if somebody dies on a cruise ship?

Cruise ships carry thousands of passengers for sometimes weeks at a time. With so many people on one ship, it’s only natural that, sometimes, one of them will die. 

First, let’s address the question of how many people die. The statistics show that around 200 passengers die on a cruise ship every year. This might sound like a large number, but when you consider the sheer number of people travelling on cruises every year, it really isn't so many. Plus, we need to consider that the majority of these are part of the older cruising demographic and pass away from natural causes.

What is the difference between a cruise ship and an ocean liner

What's the difference between a cruise ship and an ocean liner? Cruise ships and ocean liners may look very similar at first glance. In fact, many people would struggle to tell the difference. But under the surface, these two vessels are very different.

It all comes down to their missions. Cruise ships and ocean liners might both be built to carry passengers, but their similarities end there. Ocean liners An ocean liner is a passenger ship designed to take people from one point to another. For example, you would travel on an ocean liner to cross from England to the United States.

Cruise ships near Santorini

6 Reasons Why Cruise Ships are Safer Than Ever

Cruise ships have always been one of the safest and more enjoyable ways to holiday. Multi-billion dollar cruise lines, like Celebrity Cruises, Carnival, Royal Caribbean Cruises and P&O, invest massive amounts of money and time into security and safety measures to protect their passengers, as well as their reputation. 

cruise ship deck with lifeboats

Are There Bowling Alleys on Cruise Ships

You wouldn’t believe it was possible. Swimming pools, golf simulators, spas, restaurants, boutiques and libraries, sure – but a bowling alley on a cruise ship? How could it possibly be done?

Norwegian Pearl Bowling

What is it Like to Cruise

For first-time cruisers, it can be overwhelming to take those first steps aboard the ship. But fear not, we've got scoop on everything you need to know:

Luxury cruise ship at sea 

How Fast Does a Cruise Ship Travel

Let’s fact it – once you step onto a cruise ship, you can forget you’re even moving. You simply become so wrapped up in life onboard the ship that the only time you remember you've been moving is when you disembark in a different country! 

Queen Mary 2

Carnival Spirit Infographic

Thinking of booking a cruise on Carnival Spirit? Take a look at the infographic to get a quick idea of what makes the 12-deck Carnival Spirit one of the best Carnival ‘Fun Ships’ afloat.


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